Waking up without Coffee.

In 1991, I was at a friend's Saturday afternoon BBQ party. A nieghborhood kid was going door to door with a puppy.

"My parents won't let me keep her" He said. I named her Coffee and 16 years later she had become my parent's dog and a beloved family member.

Yesterday, the family said goodbye to her.

Over the years Coffee was the gentle friend. She was never needy. She always seemed to know when you were busy or when it was a good time to go for a full back scratch.
She was first at your side no matter how early you woke up or how late you went to bed. Coffee was a constant presence keeping Mom and Dad safe for 16 years. She did a good job. There are no great heroic dog stories to tell.

She mentored several pets through the years, teaching them all our family quirks. I can't recall her bark. The only sound I can remember her making was a "huurumpf" when lying down as if saying..."I love 'em, but they make me nuts."

Coffee is survived by Max. Coffee taught him well and I'm sure he is not less than 5 feet from Mom or Dad as I write this.


  1. you made me cry.
    love, Monica

  2. Well, after welled-up eyes and a lump in my throat, I beleive there is a dog heaven and your dog is looking down from it right now saying "thanks for taking good care of me..."

  3. What a sweet post...thanks for sharing.

  4. That's hard. Dogs give so much.

  5. I've always known you could draw dave...but you're pretty damn good @ writing as well......Happy Birthday !!love - your Bro......literally

  6. nice one dave.....happy birthday!!
    (I've got Max in the trunk of my car....ready??)

  7. I'm so sorry. Even when they've had a long and good life, it is so hard when they must go on without us.

    -- Vicki in Michigan

  8. Sorry to hear about your beloved pet, and so totally love the drawing, which places a smile over the pain.

    Must be the agegroup.. I too recently lost an old friend, and everywhere I turn, it seems someone else is too.