The Crafty Chica and me.

The Crafty Chica herself, Kathy Cano Murillo took time to write a post about me. She must of been really scrapping the bottom of the barrel for something to write about yesterday.

Kathy has to be one of the sweetest, nicest, talented and most productive crafters in the world.

How sweet is she?...She is the only person I've met who described big sweaty Lucha Libre Mexican wrestlers in such a way that they seem like mythic warriors who hand feed baby birds in their off hours.

I learned alot from her as in this past post... click this link to read... The Line is Drawn.

She really has to lay off the glitter's been 2 weeks since she was a guest on Craft Lab and I'm still finding some in the lint trap of my dryer.

Click on or go to to read her unexpected post about me, then to her home page to enjoy all her work.

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