Countdown to Halloween 6

Fun things you can make with styrofoam, model magic, great stuff insulation spray and paint...

I always thought we needed a better address post. This zombie's head I made with a motion activated skull I found at Cost Plus. His jaw chatters and eyes look left and right while lighting up. The sculpt and animation was great but it made a lame laughing sound with an organ music sting. It's sound quality was just garbled noise. I opened it up and cut the audio wire out.

I've loved pirates long before Johnny Depp made them cool to everyone. I've always wanted to have a pirate skeleton on the lawn and finding a discounted "Jack Sparrow" costume gave me no reason not to make one. I know, I know...Capt. Jack did not have a hook, but I could not help giving him one.

My brother Ted spent an afternoon in the tree making the web for a giant spider.

This guy is the end result of trying to create the illusion he was juggling the pumpkins. I had several clear plastic posts behind him with these pumpkins and more mounted at various heights. The posts kept warping and bending because of the weight. I troubled shooted it enough to make work, but I got frustrated and decided to move on, maybe next year.

The guillotine is up again this year and I added a new skeleton pulling the rope holding the blade.

This weekend I'm setting up the enter and exit path for the Trick n' Treaters on the big night. I'm still adding a few scares.

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  1. It would be so worth it to hop a plane from Minnesota to LA...JUST TO SEE YOUR LAWN tonight!