Pumpkin watch: 2006

Labor Day to most means the end of summer. To me it's the start of fall and the countdown to Halloween begins. This year's pumpkin patch is better than last year. I knew to give the vines more space. There has been very few pumpkins though. I lost two of the little guys a few weeks back when work kept me from regular watering.

I have 3 right now on the way.

This guy has himself a nice little bed of jade as the vine grew over it and back into the garden.
His orange is beginning to show.

This guy's just starting to grow.

It may be cutting it close but I have a few other small bulbs with potential.

Although the pumpkin harvest is not what I hoped, this was the first year I planted sunflowers and with great success.

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  1. Gorgeousness! Our growing season here is screwy. It's so hot and dry in the summer so without doing research, I don't quite know when to plant for a fall harvest. But we do have a lovely fall.