My Niece - "B" movie actress.

My niece, Devin, is 4 years old...with a huge head full of loose screws. Her personality switches from adorable, introspective, wierd, sweet, grumpy, euphoric or plain looney with no pattern.

My Parents were babysitting her and I met them all at Mel's Drive In for a quick dinner while I shopped for props after work tonight.

My niece sat backwards in her chair watching a couple at the table next to us. She then decided it would be more fun to pull the short hairs from the beard on my face.

"Owww" I yelled.

She giggled and did it again.

"Owww...Devin? Why are you doing that?" I asked.

"You must be DESTROYED!" She said reaching to pull more facial hair.

"WHY?" I exclaimed.

My beloved little niece whispered..."Because your EVIL!"

She has made me adore her even more.

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