Real Life Adventures 2

A few years ago I met this guy one night while out for a few beers with friends. He was new in town. He was a friend of a friend and I tried to get to know him. We talked alot about his life. Well, I should say I just listened to alot about his life....

How he had moved from Florida just 3 months before.
How he bull****ted his way into working in Dreamwork's development department.
How even though he's just a production assistant doing petty stuff he has the ear of the decision makers.
How he has already been pushing scripts he thinks are great.
How he was only 24 and going to have his boss's job in 4 months.

The conversation around the table began to center on the Star Wars prequels. I said; "As bad as The Phantom Menace was, it still was fun because of all the energy in the theater being the new Star Wars movie and there was some really great stuff in it."

The new guy in town looked at me and said...
I was stunned. It was one of the most insulting things anyone ever said to me.

My response? I buried my anger and did the above cartoon of him in my sketchbook that night. It's a caricature but close to a photo realistic portrait.

Any payback? Yes, I just saw him yesterday working in the BEST BUY at the Empire Center in Burbank.

I was so tempted to ask him where I could find the Phantom Menace DVD.


  1. You know what that drawing reminds me of, appropriately enough? "The Critic". Did he also have Dave Lovitz's weasley rat-like squeal of a voice? I wonder if he is submitting scripts to his current shift supervisor?

  2. I wish that guy was obnoxious in a funny way as "the Critic"was. That was a fun series, not great, but atleast one good laugh every episode.

  3. if i were there i would have given him the dacheux-care-bear-stare....eek. what a silly thing to say to such a fun person like mr. dave.

  4. That guy looks kinda like Brian Posehn.