My Sister Monica's Wedding

My baby sister Monica got married to a great man and friend, Kirk last Saturday.

I was also honored that they asked me to help decorate the affair.

Months ago Monica, Kirk and I got together and started to discuss idea's. We already knew the wedding and reception was to take place at my other sister Megan and husband Paul's home. They already had a beautiful backyard thank's to nepotism and the show "Outer Spaces" (joking! it was a wonderfull backyard without the show)

Rather than trying to force a decor or theme into the space, Monica and I decided it was best to take the existing contemporary country feel the yard already had and push it further.

Monica chose colors/ideas with a French country feeling that complimented the space and gave the small backyard affair a casual but still elegant feel. After a few evenings sketching and discussing idea's, a practical and good looking design evolved. The final design plan below was created and also gave Megan and Paul a good idea what to expect.

When "Outer Spaces" made over the yard (2 years ago) it included a playhouse I designed and built for my little niece Devin. Since then, it aged poorly. Paint was faded and peeling, the thatched roof had all but dissappeared and it overall looked like a burned out war time bunker. It was the first and only thing the yard really needed to be fixed up. Below is the new look. My 4 year old niece, Devin, was happy to help and more often supervise the process.

The red flower box was a direct request by her to change after I had painted it green to match the door. After all my years working with design divas on occasion, who knew she would be one too.

At this point I must let you know I'm pre-mature in posting this event. There are still pictures I'm waiting on getting that would really illustrate everything better, so look for an update the meantime.

In designing the ceremony space. We decided it was nice to keep simple. Lavender became the flower/plant theme. Megan and Paul already had a nice area for the ceremony with trellises and flowers. So I made 2 simple lavender planters with a lantern post emerging from the center of each that would make the area special but merge well with the existing space. I added few extra pots with flowers to ground the idea.

The wreath you see on the center arch above was a detail carried through all the decor and tables.

Monica with her own little hands made each wreath for all the tables. I made small "crackle finished" pedistals to go in the center with a mason jar "candle" on top. For the tables we kept the "simple is best" rule and went with natural wood finish chairs, white dinnerware, and a tan table cloth with a lace top cloth.

The mason jars were one of many personal touchs to the event. Kirk's Dad and Mom years ago would make their own perserves and Kirk had over the years inherited them. With so many at hand we made them a design theme. Jars with candles inside were on the tables and hung in the trees all around.

Kirk's Dad passed away little over a year ago. In honor of him Kirk wore traditional scottish dress for the day. In my small way, having never of known him but knowing what a great son he had and soon to be brother in law to me, I thought of Kirk's Dad as I lit every candle. They encircled the yard.

Flowers, as I already mentioned was lavender with allysum accent.We stuffed them into everything, everywhere, outside and inside!

Devin dropped a sea shell in a pot for luck ( I don't know...must be some crazy pre-school tradition I guess) see if you can find in the picture below. She also ran around tieing little bows and hanging cut out paper hearts on everything. When she started to pull out Christmas ornaments it became hard to curb her decorating fervor.

Mom helped create the bridal bouquets...nice huh?

Overall this was a wonderfull time planning and making happen. Everyone in the family got involved and had imput. Dad had a brilliant design idea to a problem area at the zero hour while providing all with coffee and lunch during the day. Mom became the "go to" person for everything from wedding tradition to silverware placement. My brother, Ted spent an afternoon high on a ladder in a tree as I critiqued his xmas light placement.

Sister Megan headed up all the house's interior decor and catering. It became clear early on to just stay out of Megan's path as she would knock you outta the way in making everything perfect for Monica and Kirk. She had her husband Paul painting walls with one hand and moving furniture with the other! Everyone mentioned how great and "on the spot" the Servers hired for the day were...I secretly believe it was fear of Megan as she probably gave them a orientation speech that would make General Patton in WWII seem warm and fuzzy.

There are many other stories to tell and decor details I could mention and will post pictures of soon...but until then it was a great day with great memories.

The ceremony...

My Brother as best man giving a funny and touching toast...

A happy day spent with good friends and family...

Seeing the next generation learn what weddings are really about, CAKE!...

...and seeing my little sister very happy!

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