DeSanto Singer Guastini - Battlestar Galactica Portfolio

Below is a portfolio of the many Cylon sketches I did for Vincent Guastini's Battlestar Galactica presentation for director Bryan Singer, producer Tom Desanto and Universal Studios.

In 2001, Vinnie was one of the front runners to head up the make up f/x and creature department on the now legendary unfinished Singer remake. Some of these made the presentation, some did not. Some I admit are weak but am posting anyway .

I was a child of the 70's and remember doodling Cylons on my binder in grade school. This project was fun to be a part of.

Click on pictures for larger versions.

Vinnie originally hired me, based on a friends' recommendation to fix some minor imperfections in the chroming process on his "hero" cylon bust. He was funding this presentation work himself and hoped to avoid re-chroming as it is a very expensive process.

We agreed any fixes could not perfectly match the real chrome finish. I suggested the small problem areas could be disguised by giving the bust a battle scarred/aged and rusted feel. He liked the idea.

Vinnie trusted me with the detail painting on the "hero".

The conceptual sketch with this cylon head attached is actually retro designed . It was my idea of what the body of the cylon might look like with the finished Cylon bust designed and made by Vinnie.


  1. real. damn. cool.

  2. I think the line "by your command" would have much more of a menacing feel to it with these cylon raiders.

  3. Too bad these never saw the light of day. They would have made great Cylons for the Warriors to do battle with.