1 Day 'til Halloween: Of Impaled Skulls and Evil Tikis

Finished the skull and tiki project yesterday afternoon. The best part, the client sent a nice big cube truck to pick it all up in. It's the simple pleasures in life.

The props turned out okay for a one man, 4 day making frenzy (including all the material shopping). Now back to my own decorating getting ready for tomorrow... after lots of foam dust vacuuming that is.


  1. Wow... they look great! Those 'skulls on a stick' should help keep the door to door salesmen away!

  2. once again
    absolutely wonderful dear talented nephew!

  3. Where did you get your skulls? Are they foam? I had two skulls (plastic, from Target) on metal stakes flanking my door, but I think yours look better on the bamboo and in bulk -- cannibal rather than grim reaper. If only I could light up the eyes with red bulbs it would be perfect.

  4. ZandMe,

    Most of the skulls came from a party store. They were hollow plastic.
    and I found super cheap being discounted needing to make room for Xmas stuff I guess.
    A single bulb christmas village minature light with a red bulb would work for skull eyes or to avoid cords... some battery operated candles have lightbulbs that can be taken out and easily replaced with a red Christmas light. Just hollow out the skull and put inside.

  5. Any tips on building a 5' volcano paper mâché style for outdoor Halloween use to complete this theme?