It's Alive!

Happy Halloween to all and to all a scare filled night!

There's going to be a few posts today. In the morning I'll feature the entrants to the prop challenge contest followed up in the afternoon announcing the winner once niece Devin picks it.

Later this evening, I'll also post photos of the finished yard and maybe, just maybe, the day will end with the tale of Patrick O'Treaty.


  1. Dave...My students and I have really enjoyed your blog and all of the cool things you makes and do. You have a great imagination. Yours is the only blog that I have added to my (art)classroom website
    Your words and pictures have engaged every child this Halloween season. Thank you. We will keep on reading!
    Also I blogged about you this morning at

  2. Hey your switch behind Frank looks good!


  3. He looks... great. For someone in an electric chair that it! Looking forward to the day's posts. Happy Halloween! :)

  4. Happy Halloween, Dave! Halloween would not be the same without you -- especially since you now reside six feet below my yard. Thanks for all the great posts.