4 Days 'til Halloween: Aliens VS Giant Cannibal Tikis

 As the final days to the big night approach, I'm afraid my long hoped dream of actually making the UFO for the roof has once again been quashed.

I had a choice this week, spent it getting paid to make five 8' tall evil tikis for a client's big Halloween event this weekend or pass on and make my UFO. Making money is important, no matter how much I love my display, so the tikis won. I also have to make numerous bamboo spikes with impaled skulls. So I can't say this is not a fun way to spend the week.

Should be done soon leaving me just enough time to catch up on the neglected Para Abnormal comic and finish some lawn decorating.

Niece Devin's having a Halloween party at my place Sunday. I hope one game can be a race to see which kid can fill the most trash bags with foam carving debris.


  1. Those tikis rock! I know it's not what you want to do, but I will work for money as well. You made the right choice my friend. Halloween will come around again.

    I'm totally lovin' your blog!

  2. Where do you get your foam? I can't seem to find it that thick and have to piece things together which always end up falling apart!

  3. Those look amazing....and I think I recognize that white foam dust.....yes, that is Halloween alright!

    Looking forward to the UFO someday....


  4. Being an adult can be fun!Skulls with poles sticking through them?Awesome.

  5. Tikis look great...please take pics of the heads on the bamboo.

  6. will you save the stuff for Xmas snow????
    The tikis are amazing.Of course!

  7. Those look really cool!!!

  8. Thanks All!

    I get mine from Foam Sales on Isabel St in Burbank. They only sell big 4' x 8' sheets but will cut to size. They also have a remnant area to sort through as well.