My Great Grim Ghastly Garage - Inspiration

I've been slacking on these updates. There's a current work stalemate in the garage between getting it in shape and becoming a mess again with Halloween making and other projects over the past few weeks. Neither can progress very well without one hampering the other at some point.

This has been bothering me until I watched a new show on A&E tonight called Hoarders.

Guess what? Organizing and de-cluttering wins. A premonition of myself becoming a story on the show's next season haunts me. I'm going to finish what I began long ago. Better to put projects on hold and have a creative fresh start in a clean space.


  1. I love these reality shows about people and the junk they accumulate. Watching them always makes me feel so much better. :D

  2. I wondered if you'd ever seen that show...I was starting to get worried I might see you on there. Glad it has provided inspiration!
    Good luck with the cleaning!

  3. I think we come from one section of our family....perhaps it's just the two of us.Hard to keep projects going when there is too much visual clutter. Wouldn't it be nice if clutter was invisable ... but I suppose we'd be breaking our necks all the time falling over stuff! Hey and I don't even have a garage.

  4. I caught that show, too... Wow. Just wow.

    Have you thought about checking your library for a book on clutter management and organization? I read such a book (the title escapes me) and it was really helpful. You can even hire a professional organizer (my dream!), they have a website of certified people.

    As you can see, this is a problem many of us share. ;)

  5. YES! well you know I am in exactly the same boat and watching those shows goes both ways makes me feel better I don't have rotting food in my living room but also makes me look for the dates on the stuff in the way back wondering...
    by the way you are going to love one of my Halloween craft projects I will be posting soon! I giggle at it every time I look at it and think of you!