Cartooning Milestones

On Monday my web comic Para Abnormal welcomed it's 50,000th visitor and also on that day, I posted the 400th cartoon. It should be noted that 46,000 of those visitors are my Mom and only 27 of the 400 cartoons are actually good ones.

If you haven't stopped by yet, I hope you do and a big thank you to all who have been checking in regularly.


  1. You are part and parcel of every day. I laugh hard and often, so it's all good!

    Thanks for your wit!

  2. Grats! Thats awesome!
    Im coming up to number 300 soon on my blog! And 290 of those were me refreshing!

  3. :) You're very popular.

    I have to admit I was only a 1 on the Para Abnormal blog - I thought it was funny then forgot to bookmark.

    No more! I am now a devoted follower of that as well. :)

  4. These cartoons are brilliant and ought to be in print. They're every bit as good as Far Side.

  5. Congratulations, Dave! I commend you for being able to keep this up, and with a consistency in quality, on a daily basis for so long. I don't pop in every day, but I've certainly enjoyed every one of your cartoons.