May The Fridge Be With You

From my "making something real quick because you're curious while waiting for paint to dry on something else but ends up sucking you in and spending too much time on" file.

For fun, inspired by Vickie Howell's kid friendly photo magnet project on her blog, I made my own Star Wars action figure "knock off" fridge magnets with the clay ball mold making trick I posted about (scroll down or click here). Which is basically mushing a ball of polymer clay onto the toy and peeling away carefully to create a mold, then using Fix-it-All to make to cast a copy. Not only did this give me reason to finally use some craft store magnets that have been in the stash for awhile, but more important...another example why collecting toys has purpose.

This started simply enough. I've always thought TIE fighter windows were an iconic design from the saga and decided one would make a cool fridge magnet. After that, love 'em or hate 'em, a cute Ewok was a must and so on. I realized this could get out of control quickly and stopped at just the four. I think Jabba turned out best but my favorite is the Wampa. He ended up more goofy looking than menacing, staring at me from the freezer door as if asking...

"Hey there buddy, getting some ice for that drink?"

Painting them was nostalgic. I used some old Tamiya Color acrylic I had. It took me back to when I got hooked on painting miniatures and building resin "garage" kits for awhile in the early '90s.


  1. These are awesome... now I have to get some fix it all. This is inspiring. Problem is, you have to have some skill to paint them well other wise they probably look like junk. You have more talent than I do.

  2. This is a cool idea, I'll have to see if I can pull off some toy inspired magnets, probably not as well as you though.