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I share 2 things with my Dad and my Grandfather, we are all named David and we all worked in TV. I never knew my Grandfather, he died shortly before I was born. His legacy as a producer, writer and director is well known. His most notable work was producing CBS Reports Harvest of Shame with Edward R. Murrow. He won Emmy's and Peabody awards. That is impressive but who cares...blah, blah, blah. If I had the chance to talk to him today I would want to know all about his time as a producer on... CAPTAIN VIDEO AND HIS VIDEO RANGERS!

Captain Video was one of the first children's TV series and the first space adventure TV series. It was filmed live in NY 5 days a week airing from 1949 to 1955. Although famously cheesy it was a huge hit. Adults loved it as well. Because it was old kine scope and not on film very few episodes still exist. It was also considered a silly kid's show so they were never saved for prosperity. I read once it had a prop budget of $25.00 a week! I can imagine myself working on the show having a blast making silly sci fi props out of cardboard...

The show was so popular it was a running gag on THE HONEYMOONERS and inspired one of it's classic funny moments...

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