Friends, Romans, Countrymen and Family...

Over the past month or so, there has been recent "web" stuff going on with friends and family that I've wanted to point out for awhile.

Sometimes producer/director boss, friend and fellow "Star Wars" geek, ANDREW WOLLMAN is doing online film reviews and "red carpet" interviews at BROADCASTER.COM

MONICA, the sister I wish I could forget, has renamed her online store... THE FOG SHOP and added some cool new designs. Miss independent, just sold another work from a show in Portland. I can just imagine her in a Oregon hazy day sitting with her coffee with that smug...I'm so sophisticated and artistic look.

MEGAN, my other sister I have officially denied being related too, has just opened her own agency called CREATIVE 24 representing photographers, stylists, etc. She's got a swanky office in the "310" area code and runs her company the way she orders around my brother in law Paul. So I know she will rule this town one day. BTW...Paul, if your reading this, I feel your pain... you do know my fiancee right?

Eccentric past co worker, ALLEN McLEOD has created popular viral video at FUNNYORDIE.COM

Pure east coast attitude spewing former employer, VINCENT GUASTINI - make up fx artist, has a 14 part video interview at INTERVIEWINGHOLLWOOD. COM. See and hear Vinnie's behind the scenes info. In one segment, he talks about the Battlestar Galactica project I was a part of.

Fellow RISD alum and friend, MEGAN JEFFERY has a cool ETSY SHOP

Friend and demanding diva JENNIFER PERKINS, host of DIY's CRAFT LAB ( a set I designed) created a ETSY SHOP as well recently.

Fellow HGTV art dept. veteran and friend, JASON GARNER is living in Boston at the moment working on a movie but the ROB ZOMBIE HALLOWEEN re-make he worked on is in theaters now! When you see it, pay attention to the Dr. Loomis book cover and the mural on the side of the van....they were Jason's design among other details.

I know there are a ton of folks and things I'm probably forgetting and not mentioning today but I'm going to make this a regular post once in awhile.


  1. Hey thanks for the Etsy shout out! I should email Jason, I'm going to Boston in 2 weeks.

  2. Thanks for the ad! I haven't updated the Etsy shop for awhile -- well, I updated it last week by REMOVING ITEMS, but THAT'S hardly a step in the right direction, is it, hmmmmmmmm?
    Your family is so arty! That's so cool.
    LOVE Jennifer Perkins show -- hgtv was dangling diy shows in front of our faces for a little while last year, and I had to keep telling myself, "Don't get hooked! This won't last!" And I was right.
    But dug the people she had on her show and the projects they made, said the Sad Standard Cable Subscriber (me).