Making a Life Sized OPERATION Game - Part One

 You remember the classic board game Operation right?

For years, I've quietly always wanted to build a life sized version. The thought hit me having a couple of beers in a Cleveland bar long ago. No offense to pool table or shuffleboard fans, but if I owned a gin joint, a giant Operation board would be the game of choice.

Well, guess what Home and Family producers (planning a game segment later this week) asked for? I jumped at the chance to finally create one!

Going to do my best to post about the process over the next couple of days. Time is short and I'm literally making it up as I go, so don't expect a sure proof "how-to".

First thing yesterday I sat with pencil and paper, designing and laying out the board. Because it's our show's version, producer's have come up with original body parts to remove (more about later).

Next I cartooned finished art of my own goofy looking patient character. Where's his nose you ask? Like the original game it will be a red bulb that lights up. Where are his nipples you ask? Design choice, keeping the space clean for body parts (kept the belly button though).

I sent the art to Kinkos to be enlarged, printed, and mounted on foamcore. Picked it up this morning. I thank the prop gods we have a company van. It would not have held up well strapped to the top of my Corolla.

Next in Part 2 - building a frame, figuring out body organ removal, and making them. That's what I'm doing today.


  1. Excellent! What a fun idea - I can't wait to see the rest of the process.

  2. I wonder if it would be possible to make a gory version for a Halloween party? Complete with realistic organs and a screaming patient?

  3. Do you have an etsy shop where you sell your designs? I assist in an annual camp and this year our theme is life sized games. I absolutely love your operation character and am wondering if it is available for print?

  4. Hi, I am making my own for a halloween game this year. How thick of foam core did you print on and did you find it sturdy enough? I'm considering going 1/2 in and using a hot knife to cut out the holes, I just want this to last year after year of kids playing it and don't want them to easily be able to crack/break the foam core. Thx