An Art Department I Do

I was feeling grumpy tonight and created this after seeing numerous other job specific "I do" images shared by friends on Facebook.


  1. oh wow. I really love that.

    My family seems to think I live out LA law every day, so I understand. Harry Hamlin never shows up here.

    verification= sillami. the silliest salami you've ever tried! LOL

  2. That is so funny...the best part of it is all four examples are not only true but FUN...I *heart* being an artist.

    Blessings Kelsie

  3. Okay, that made me laugh so hard I spit tea all over my monitor and the cat sitting on my desk (that will teach him!) Thanks sooooo much!


  4. Aside from the fact that you are covered with dumpster er, dust shall we say? I think that you are enormously talented and you have inspired me in many different ways. And you are very funny Dave Lowe, so dive on!!

  5. that's hilarious! think I may put a copy of this up on my workshop wall, if you don't mind. great way to start my day off! :)