Zombie A Month: Mrs. Scaryweather Returns

Being April and as gardens begin blooming I thought about my old prop zombie Mrs. Scaryweather from Halloween 09. She definitely needs to return this year.

I liked her a lot back then but she was created in haste. Almost everyday that October, I was out on the lawn with super glue or wire trying to keep her old bones together. By the time I took the display down she was completely falling apart and needed a total do-over. It didn't happen though, so she skipped Halloween 2010.

This year with her return, she'll be tending a small pumpkin patch. I have some ideas bouncing around in my head on how to make a faux one, complete with vines and leaves. As you can see in the sketch at top, I think it might be fun to go a step further, creating a whole spooky garden setting for her.


  1. Wow Ilove Mrs Scaryweather she is way too cool. You defo have to make sure she is repaired to last the test of time. Also a pumpkin patch sounds immense ;P

  2. pkbrogan@hotmail.com4/27/2011 12:23 PM

    Just wanted to thank you for the Halloween prop goodness here at the tail end of April. It's much appreciated (as are all your posts). I didn't get my large papier-mâché eggs - with Cthulhu-like tentacles breaking through - done in time for the Easter display, but oddly enough they should just as appropriate for the end of October.

  3. Once agaon sir, you have another great design. I love the pumpkin patch around her!

  4. Andrea, thanks. Yeah I hope to make sure she's re-done to last many years.

    PK, part of me feels I'm already behind on Halloween even being only April. The egg prop sounds fantastic. I always see those giant ones for sale around Easter and have wanted to make something for Halloween with.

    Beacon, thank you. The pumpkin patch should be fun to make.