22 Days 'Til Halloween - Mrs. Scaryweather

Every week, Mr. Scaryweather would bring sunflowers to his wife.
After 66 years and 6 days of marriage, Mr. Scaryweather passed away.
Mrs. Scaryweather returned the gift planting sunflowers at his grave.
Every week she would visit and care for the flowers.
66 months and 6 days later, Mrs. Scaryweather passed away.
She was laid to rest next to her husband, together again.
Some say on Halloween, you can still see her tending his grave...

Today I started to put the front lawn display together with Mrs. Scaryweather. All the major stuff should be out by next weekend as I complete props over the next several days. In past years I've discovered adding something new everyday and little details along the way up until the 31st is welcome. We're lucky to live in a neighborhood with many passer-by's and dog walkers. They look for new things. It's become a lawn countdown of sorts.

I'm both happy and critical of how Mrs. Scaryweather turned out. I wish I had more time and resources to customize her original "blucky" parts and get more character out of her...a little hunched over, give her a softer sweeter face, etc. This is again a "no budget" decorating year so I'm stuck using what I've got.

One thing I really like is the water from the can. It's acting as a support post for her arm. The illusion works fairly well. It's just a dowel painted white covered in Saran Wrap. Next year I hope to re-vamp her and the planter making them a working water fountain. If you haven't guessed, the watering can is custom from an old coffee can. It's funny, with all the junk in my grim, ghastly garage, I didn't have one to use. The one I made though actually works.

Her hat is a kid sized straw cowboy one and decorated with stuff from my stash. Her hands could be much better, they gave me grief making using heavier Sculpty, running out of Model Magic. Only after I put her on display today did I realize giving her garden gloves would of been a nice touch.


  1. She turned out really well. I Like the story you came up for her.

  2. Hi. Beautiful decoration of your front lawn. In the first moment I thought that the water from the can is real and with working water fountain it would have very realistic effect especially on people walking around. Anyway, very well done. Thanks for some inspiration.

    Best regards,

  3. That stream of water is genius.

  4. I'm glad you finally made her! This character seems to pop up from time to time in your sketches, and it's so great to see it realized!

  5. Oh this is great! I love how your mind works from the drawing board to the grave (so to speak). And Mrs. Scaryweather's back story was the perfect touch! :o)