21 Days 'Til Halloween - Old Man Ghoulsteen

Old man Ghoulsteen had two lazy, spoiled, good for nothing children. Everyday of their lives, everything they did, if they did anything at all, was with no effort or care.

After many, many frustrating years, old man Ghoulsteen told them he was tired of hoping they would ever make him proud. He would let them live their selfish lives, leeching off his money under one condition...upon his death they bury him under his favorite tree, in the finest casket money could buy so he might rest comfortably for all eternity.

His children agreed, but when he died, they bought the cheapest coffin and just left it standing up in a shallow hole because digging was far too much work.

The following Halloween, his children found out how unhappy old man Ghoulsteen was about it...


  1. Love it! That is perfect....and the story line....fun and creepy! Halloween perfection!


  2. I am so going to copy this next year. This is awesome! I even got a motor for it already. It is going to be cool. Do you have a how too? The hand will be hard for me to dup but I thiink I can do it.

  3. I actually was able to kind of sort of make my own. Mine is animatronic. It is on my blog if you would like to see. I kind of sort of used this as Ref. Thank you.