6 Days 'Til Halloween: The Return of Peter Pumpkin

Last year I made a quick prop for the lawn from stuff in my stash based on a cartoon from Para Abnormal. He became Peter Pumpkin the Tricker Treater Eater.

Peter turned out to be a favorite by many in the neighborhood. Knowing he had to return, I hoped to find the time and money this year to remake him from scratch closer to the cartoon. Well, not finding the time or the money I just pushed the gag further using the old prop.

I carved a more menacing mouth, glued on a jewelry display hand from my horde, added ping pong ball eyes inside and sculpted an enhanced stem with Model Magic.


  1. Hi!
    I love your blog.
    I take a few ideas for my halloween decoration from you blog...I hope that´s ok for you.
    Sorry about my bad english.

  2. The ping pong ball eyes are awesome!! Nice touch.

  3. Once again a creepy but not too scary job well done! I just love to see what's new. Keep 'em coming!

  4. Awesome.
    The ping pong ball eyes elevate it from scary to fun/scary.

  5. Love your Hallowe'en "Dave Lowe Design" header! Are you zombie-fied, or Frankenstein's monster-fied, with maybe a little werewolf thrown in?

  6. The protruding leg is the touch of a master!

  7. Brains! - Zombie-fied for sure then.