150 Days 'til Halloween: Beginning Wiser

My countdown to Halloween officially begins. My hope for this year's yard is being much wiser in my planning and prep. My main goal is to get started early and enjoy the "making of" more. Not pressure myself. It's great to create new props or improve old things, but If I don't do as much as I hoped, that's okay too.

After all, the neighborhood trick 'r treaters liked what I did last year and the year before that and the year before that. The only person who has voiced harsh critique or given notes on making things bigger and better is me.


  1. 150 days!!! I really have to get cracking! I'm doing a completely new theme this year and so all new props. Think I can do a prop a day until Oct. 31st?

  2. Really, only 150 days?!?!?

    Man, I gotta get moving! :D Thanks for the inspiration. I am sure what ever wonderfulness you create will be amazing. Looking forward to seeing your progress.


  3. At least you already have H1N1 off your to-do list! ;o)

  4. I'm in denial still that I need to begin any work yet.

    Whatever you do, don't catch avian flu this year. I forbid it.

  5. Ya know, I almost forgot about last year's All Hallow's Flu outbreak. Well remembered guys (Wow people actually read this blog,LOL).

    I should amend my Halloween goals for 2010...No flu, plague, black death, leprosy or amputations (unless props).

  6. Faith
    I have great FAITH you can do it!