Sketchbook: The Empire Strikes Back #5

And so with this sketch of reptilian bounty hunter Bossk, my Empire Strikes Back 30th anniversary celebration ends. I mentioned in my first Empire post that John Rozum had inspired my blog theme this month, but there were many other like minded Star Wars fans participating in the fun as well. Be sure to visit Neato Coolville, Wonderful Wonderblog, My Two Yen Worth, Monsters and More, Dartman's World of Wonder and of course the official Lucasfilm Empire page at Star

There will certainly be a similar celebration in 3 years for Return of the Jedi's 30th. Oh, what the force...I think I'll just make May a Star Wars themed month every year.

I've inadvertently turned this once renowned Trandoshan into a bloated toad-man. What's up with the weird overhanging top lip I gave him? If that's what it is? I sketched this and I'm not sure. It could also be a cute little smile. Oh's the bounty hunter I drew, toad-man warts and all.

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