15 Days 'Til Halloween - Disneyland Week Ends With A Contest.

My week long Disneyland: Halloweentime theme week concludes with six photos. What I like about these pics is they're not seasonal decorating in the park, just Halloween feeling things that can be found all year, anytime.

I thought it'd be fun to have a contest. For each picture guess...what it is and where is it in Disneyland? The more details the better, no need to go crazy though, the exact paint color code number from some Imagineering design plan not important. The winner or winners will get their name(s) hidden in a PARA ABNORMAL cartoon next Friday, Oct 23.

Leave your answers as a comment. If you post anonymously, add the name you'd like to appear at the end of your comment (nothing vulgar okay, somewhat G rated). Contest closes at 11:59 pm Wednesday Oct 21. Winner's announced next Thursday. Good luck!


  1. Photo 1: Hmmm . . . that could be in several places! The most accessible and easily photographed area would be in the queue of the Pirates of the Caribbean. It is a window along the wall of the boat loading dock. I remember trying to look through the curtains as a kid and even knocking on the glass to see if anyone would knock back.

    Photo 2: Easy! It's decoration just above the entrance to Snow White's Scary Adventure, just below the window where the Wicked Queen occasionally peers out the window to leer at Fantasyland guests.

    Photo 3: One of many poles surrounding the outside of the Enchanted Tiki Room. I think. There are a couple of other places it could be, but I'm confident.

    Photo 4: Another easy one! It's the Observatron in Tomorrowland. It sits atop the old Peoplemover/Rocket Rods platform. It's also the place where the Tomorrowland Jets used to sit before they were moved to the entrance of Tomorrowland and redesigned into the Astro Orbiter.

    Photo 5: The space directly above the loading area of the Indiana Jones Adventure.

    Photo 6: Okay, I'm stumped on this one. Judging by both the generic bandana that's sold in the park and the background architecture, I'd say it's some sort of decoration inside of the Pieces of Eight store, located right outside the Pirates of the Caribbean exit.

  2. okay...I'll try my best

    #2 resembles the evil queen's raven in Snow White, so I'm gonna guess it's outside the Snow White's Scary Adventure ride

    #3 looks like it could benear the entrance to Adventureland

    #5 looks very Indiana Jones...possibly from the queue line?

    #6 is most likely from the Pirates gift shop because of the newness of the bandana. It's definitely made from a Lindberg model skull, judging by the groups of teeth, nose and overall shape

    ...that's all I've got

  3. 1. On Pirates of the Carribean ride, the house in the swamp.

    2. Snow White's Scary Adventure

    3. Adventureland - Trader Vic's?

    4. Somewhere in Tommorrowland

    5. Indian Jone's ride

    6. Pirates of the Carribean ride

  4. I would like to revise my first answer. I think it is a window from the town you see on the Big Thunder Mountain railroad.

  5. Hmmm . . . the battle of wits has begun. En guard, Mr. Chicken!

  6. Congrats TRADER SAM! You got all!
    For the record the pirate skull is atop Fortune Red's fortune telling arcade. Look for your name hidden in Friday's Para Ab cartoon. Thanks all for entering, well by all I mean Monica and Mr. Chicken.

    The amount of entries was staggering,LOL.

  7. Very infrequently, being a Disney geek comes in handy.