14 Days 'Til Halloween - The Night They Came Home

Mr. Myers and Mr. Voorhees staked their spots on the lawn today. While Michael stands stoic by a front window waiting for Trick or Treaters...

Jason prefers the shadows, behind a hedge. All the better to hack...cough!... greet them walking down the sidewalk.


  1. geez, if I was a kid trick r' treating, I don't know if I'd venture to your front door! even as an adult (well, I don't really feel like an adult),I might hesitate! cool photos! cool props!

  2. I love it! that is so freaky. I live on the south east coast and I want to come out to where you are JUST to see your halloween display!!

  3. Looking scary!

    I've recently finished some potion and specimen jars and as your blog was of help and inspiration I've done a link on mine to yours, hope this is ok?