'08 Halloween Epilogue: Sidewalk Spider

One small detail turned out to be a popular addition and will be back next year. We have a second tree between the sidewalk and the street in front of our house. I made a quick web and attached another large rubber spider from my stash.

At the very last minute, Halloween afternoon, I added a store bought motion sensor talking skull. He was a silly birthday gift from the Fiancee last year. I under lit the web from the yard. The sensor was flawlessly triggered with each passing visitor's shadow. He really made folks jump as he screamed "Beware!" "Don't go in!" and so on. The web was right across from the guillotine entry arch. It was a unexpected highlight. Many fun scares for something so simple.

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  1. Dave, it's been such a ride watching you build all this and hear the thinking behind it - and what an amazing end result! Congrats! One of these years we'll just have to time a visit to California with Halloween. Thanks for getting us in the spirit!
    Maura and Richard