'08 Halloween Epilogue: Graveyard by Night

In the end, I never had time to finish the graveyard as hoped. Time forced the many skeleton zombies and tombstones I wanted to be cut from the plan. As well as the tree's details and arms. I'm really happy though with the new Count Orlock and my improved pirate; Captain Wigbeard. One plus, the simple reaching bony hand grave stood out more than any other year being less overshadowed by too many props around it. Note for 2009 - at the start, there were rich deep blue gels on the Malibu lights for the figures. As I clipped more lights on the same electric line for other props, the power was spread thin and the brightness decreased on all the lights. I got rid of the deeper blue gels by Halloween night to maximize illumination.

It's a decent start. I'm looking forward to making it closer to the concept sketch next year...

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