'08 Halloween #39: Capt. Wigbeard

I gave my skeleton pirate zombie a makeover this year. Some think pirates don't mesh with the season, but I do. Think about it... who else best haunts the oceans at Halloween? Vampires, werewolves and witches are not known for their nautical adventures.

He's a customized cheap "blucky" skeleton with Model Magic hands like my Count Orlock. His outfit is a store bought Jack Sparrow costume that I heavily aged and added buttons to. Kid's costumes are the perfect fit for these skeletons. The musket and sword are also Jack Sparrow's. They where a toy playset I found discounted after Pirates of the Carribean movie fever started to fade. The eyepatch and hat where in my stash. The hook is a general utility garage type detailed in Model Magic. It's stump cover is just a spray paint cap. He has my usual Christmas ornament eye and a glued on beard made of locks cut from the old wig he's wearing.