'08 Halloween #38: An all Rockwell's Eve

I'm a unashamed fan of Norman Rockwell. His work inspires me in all aspects of my career. As a sometimes illustrator and cartoonist, I marvel at his ability to tell whole stories in a single image. As a sometimes set designer and art director, I love that his enviroment and prop choices are characters as well, even the smallest details. His subject's expressions and postures are always at the perfect moment to say everything without words.

This portrait of Ichabod Crane is a real favorite of mine. It was part of a planned series of paintings featuring classic American literary characters. Capt. Ahab, Little Women's Jo and others where in the works.

Rockwell could not find a publisher so the project was abandoned. I can only imagine how wonderful the full series would of been. It's comforting to know even a master like himself had trouble getting his ideas sold sometimes.

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  1. Im not going to lie! Growing up going to hometown Buffet I totally loved staring at all the horrible and faded copies that had hanging on the walls of his paintings.