Saturday Night Distraction

Since I've already created a ton of projects for myself this month, why not get distracted by a new one, right?

I was daydreaming today about making some animated shorts based on my Para Abnormal web comic. Here's a impulsive, very quick experiment I did this evening in I-movie. It's nothing special. I'm not a vastly experienced, highly skilled or fully trained animator in anyway. Making more of these would be a great way to grow in that department.


  1. Nice work. Which version of iMovie did you use, and how did you manage to get translucent layers?

  2. Greetings! I found your comic through the Coast to Coast link. Para Abnormal is hysterical! You are the Gary Larson of the paranormal. Would there be any chance of adding the one from May 27th about the "Reptile Dysfunction" to the CafePress store? I hit that one and had a gigglefit so hard I couldn't breathe. And honestly.. if there were a little stuffed toy of the chupacabra in the snowstorm outfit, I'd buy it. Brilliant, man. Just Brilliant.

  3. megan Jeffery8/10/2008 11:35 AM

    Really fun to see your stuff animated!
    More please!
    How'd you do the music/sound effects? Did you have to record those yourself?

  4. Ryan,
    I'm using version 5.0.2 if that makes sense to you? A few years old, it's the version that came with my Mac in 2003 but I upgraded it with I-life '06.

    It's real low tech animating.I made the images in Photoshop. I created the backdrop. Then I made the witch a transparent layer and moved her across the backdrop a little bit at a time like real animation. I just saved each image as I went. 60 in all. I then dropped them in I-Movie as single clips and adjusted the timing on each.

    Dreaming of getting a flash program one day to play with.

  5. Mo,

    Big compliment there,Thank you. Gary Larson a huge inspiration. I work on getting the "reptile" cartoon in the shop over the next few days.Ya know what? now I want a chupacabra in snow outfit! That would be fun to make, going to put that one on the back burner. Hope you visit often!

  6. Megan
    I want to do more to! Got a few other ideas but want to take the time to try and do right.

    Sound effects wise...
    many were already available in I movie (crickets, howling, wind,thunder). I movie allows you to import from I tunes, so that's were the music came from and I found the motorcycle and cackle for free on a sound effects website. I downloaded and through into I Tunes.