Really Cheesy Facade

An old photo find cleaning the garage. Made this with crackers and cheese whiz for Fox Family's The Basement. One of the best parts about working on a network kid's show is mature people have important discussions about silly props like this. There are many issues of concern... size, shape, cracker colors and cheese adhesion strength.


  1. megan Jeffery8/11/2008 4:48 PM

    Between this and the Home Show block-o-cheese, you've got yourself a PARTY!

  2. mmmmmmmmmm. processed cheese.

  3. Truth is ...I was sick for a little while after making it. I am a cheeseholic and processed cheese is pretty much the "crack" of the cheese world. The house would of gotten made faster if I didn't keep eating my materials.

    It was a party!

  4. megan Jeffery8/14/2008 5:00 PM

    I'm envisioning a modern re-telling of Hansel and Gretel, featuring the cheese house and you, Dave.