A Decorating TV Loser.

I'm often hired to be a "ghost" and was never there. There is so much great work I've done over the years I've seen a TV host pretend on camera they designed and made.

Hours of my life have been spent walking an "actor" through the steps of what I created so they can regurgitate it on camera as their own creation and look good. Worse is, hours of my life spent walking experienced and real designers through the steps of what I created so they can regurgitate it on camera as their own and look good.

I was once afraid of telling tales on this blog about the phonies I have helped make successful. Today, I ran into one of those at a gas station...

I said "Hello".

They did not remember me and looked blank faced. I reminded them who I was and they said...

"Oh yea, call my office. I'm sure they will help you."

What the Hell? I just said "Hi" and have to degrade myself reminding them who I am? Why should I call their office? Do I call there for them to remember me working for them? What an arrogant ***hole! My head nearly exploded. I didn't need a hug or a "Oh my God, where have you been?" moment. I just expected to be familiar.

I designed and created numerous projects for them. The gloves are off...time to tell stories on all the "phonies" I helped!

Stay tuned.


  1. oh man, I'm dying to know if it's anyone I know. Sometimes, I still fear running into Carmen.

  2. Hey Dave, sorry to hear that...that sucks. Anyway, call my office. I'm sure they will help you...

  3. Wow. You were saying 'hi', not rattling your little cup of pencils.

    I can't imagine, as a designer, having the jutzpah to go on a show to explain a design that I didn't create.

    So false.

  4. I was just in L.A. talking an old friend who is in the music industry (and grew up in it). His level of involvement has most always been in the background. We were talking about how important it is for people to express creativity. Anyway, he touched on the fact that basically his work involves helping others realize their creativity. I hadn't thought about that - that that's the most realistic way to make a living with creative talent. I'm not supporting anyone else's goals (at present), but I'm personally not bringing in a regular paycheck either!

    I look forward to hearing your stories. They're always impressive to say the least!

  5. I bet this person doesn't last long in the industry with a personality like that.

    Rant all you want, we love it!