Sloane Pub Portfolio

Just added to my "portfolio" column, the ads I did for the Sloane Pub in Cleveland. I updated an older post from 2005 with some new (old) ads and bigger art. Here it is...

While living in Cleveland working on HGTV's "Room by Room". No more than 40 or so steps from my apartment was the Sloane Pub. It became my usual haunt. Kirt the owner asked me to cartoon Pub ads for the weekly newspaper called "The Scene". Many of the ads featured "inside" jokes or caricatures of the regular patrons and bartenders that I tried to make funny without having to know the people. Kirt was great, he never told me what the cartoon should be each week. Here are a few samples.

When in Cleveland, stop by the Sloane Pub and tell 'em Dave Lowe sent ya. Then they'll hand you my outstanding tab.

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