Saturday Morning Videos - kid inspirations

Back when I was a kid around 10 or 12 the internet, I pods and dvds was stuff in Sci Fi movies. VHS recorders and cable tv were on the horizon but still a few years away. Regular old television was it. I grew up in New York and 2 of my favorite shows were on the local channels, WABC's 4:30 Movie and WPIX's Chiller Theater.

The 4:30 movie was on every weekday. They would have theme weeks like Gidget, John Wayne, Elvis, War or Western. But my Mom never had to fear were I was when it was Ray Harryhausen, Vincent Price and Monster week....

The greatest of all was Planet of the Apes week! The entire ape saga from Monday to Friday. No matter how much homework I had or how perfect a summer day to play outside it was, everything stopped to watch.Here was the opening...

Chiller Theater was the Saturday night horror movie show. It did not have a crazy host like Elvira or Ghoulardi in my day, but it did have one of the creepiest opening titles and bumpers ever. Even though dated it still gives me a shiver...

Watching movies on these shows inspired much of what I create today. I found the 4:30 movie ad images at


  1. Thanks for the memories--the music brings it all back

  2. Oh, yeah, the 6-fingered hand! I grew up in New Joisey (til '72), so we got this station too, and even though we only had TV for limited bursts of time, I totally remember this. Freaked me out. My siblings and I stilll imitate this sequence by adding one wiggling finger from one hand to the wiggling fingers of the other. Of course we don't synchronize the wiggles, just to keep it extra-cheezy-looking.