RISD 20 Years ago - Time after Time

Posting these memories of RISD has made me really 80's nostalgic and filled my head with a 1001 tales yet to tell as I find old photos and memorabilia.

This week I thought about how going to college was like living a dual life for me... one on campus and one with family when home. In the past 20 years since RISD, my brother Ted and sisters, Megan and Monica have become my best friends. I spend more free time with them than anyone else. We were always close but in my 4 years at art school, they lived their lives and I'd play catch up on vacations.

I missed out on a few things, like the day they met Cyndi Lauper. How awesomely 80's is this picture?...

What I love most about the above picture is knowing my siblings so well, I know they each have their "really awkward" smiles on.

In those years, Ted decided acting was for him and got his first "head shot" done...

He also went through a James Dean/Steve McQueen "cooler than cool" phase in High School. Thanks in part to his no good, bad influence, screw da man, rebellious friend - Rene Reed...

One summer night, hanging out with Ted and friends, Rene showed me pictures of his family in his wallet. In the mix was a picture of "b" horror movie icon, Michael Berryman...I loved Rene from that moment on.

Even my innocent little sisters got "too cool for school". In these pictures, Megan channels her inner " breakfast club" Molly Ringwald...

while Monica went all Judd Nelson...

but they were big haired 80's chic when it came to prom night. Face blurred to keep my a** from being kicked...

To balance the embarrassment my brother and sisters will feel seeing the above photos, I add these my old RISD friend/classmate Mary e-mailed this week of me from '84...

Here was Mary in those days (other faces are blurred to protect the innocent)...

Mary is a welcome friend of my family...because of one moment...that is still a story often told to this day by my Dad. My folks came to visit RISD on a parent's weekend. I had cleaned my room to impress, stuffing it all into the closet. While touring my room Mary stopped by and I introduced them. My Dad remarked how clean the room was and she mentioned how rare it was.

"But I know Dave..." she said.

Mary opening my closet revealing my secret.

My Mom and Dad had a good laugh seeing my crap stacked to the top.


  1. megan Jeffery5/18/2007 2:21 PM

    Great photos of your family-- digging that graphic t-shirt on your sister. And Cyndi Lauper!!!
    Who was the big Coke drinker in that photo that Mary sent you?
    (Hi Mary!)

  2. The coke drinking was me. Remember that odd long window panel in those rooms above the main window? At one point I discovered (random observations when bored) it was 2 soda cans high. I just made it a mission over weeks to fill the space.

  3. I still have that photo in my wallet...alongside Elvis.