RISD 20 Years ago - Flashback Friday #6

The ongoing series down memory lane every Friday to celebrate (or curse) 20 years since graduating the Rhode Island School of Design in 1987 continues. I neglected to post last Friday so today is a 2 in 1.

First though is an update to the Blues Brothers "air" band story from the previous (click on to read) Flashback Friday #3 . I found the pictures I mentioned, seeing more of the band in....

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Now, on with the flashbacks...

My friend and fellow 1987 alum Megan Jeffery inspired this series with her original RISD Flashback Fridays. Last week she posted a great picture of caricatures done by old friend Rich L. (click here to see). It reminded me of this one below I drew in the summer of '84, missing my new college friends looking forward to the fall.... it even has Rich L. himself in it!

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From L to R, back row- Lois, Lee, Eileen, Rich, Pete, Me and Steve. Front row- J.P., Juan(ita) and Chris.

In that same summer my Father's work had him living full time in Los Angeles. He had spent almost 2 years bouncing between coasts and was just visiting us on occasion. It was decided to move the whole family from New York and go west to California. For me being at RISD meant upgraded from trains to planes going home for vacations.

In my sophomore year my Dad mailed me a ticket home for Christmas and attached the single greatest letter I've ever gotten. I have it framed now (because of the accidental coffee spill) and read often on occasion for a laugh...

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...And yes, the envelope contained a name tag for me to wear, which sad to say I have lost.