Being an Uncle.

To be an Uncle is the greatest thing ever. In my case, I have a niece from my little sister.

Being an Uncle gives complete freedom. You can make up your own science, tell stories from imagined history and lay the seeds for a healthy teenage rebellion.

It's common to hear the description "crazy" before the title. That alone allows you to bend rules. Grandparents can spoil a grandchild but are obligated to teach discipline as wise elders. The Aunt usually becomes the parent's "go to" second in command and is forced to maintain discipline.

An Uncle remains free without much required. Your main job is to teach new things a kid can add to thier chaos creating arsenal. You are the brother of one of the parents and this continues the long held teasing/torture tradition of siblings.

The Uncle the parent's rules, but teach the loop holes.

When you hear a parent say in surprise..."Your Uncle taught you that?" Your job that day is complete.


  1. Sweet photo. Have to disagree with you though on the aunt's role. It's been known to happen that lyrics I tell the "children" have them running for paper and pen so's they can get the wording "just right"... Then my sister has to listen to "poop" songs for weeks on end.

  2. I did not mean to label all AUNTS that way. My description is based more on my other sister and the Aunts in my family over the years. They also have had moments teaching a new perspective on life with a wink.

  3. Look at you two! Do you see the evil lil' grin she gets when she is around you. She looks exactly like you in that pic. It scares me to see both of you looking at me like that. Like what the #$*@ did you both just do?!?!

  4. That picture is adorable!