DIY's CRAFT LAB this week...Part 2

Although DIY network's Craft Lab wrapped on Wednesday, today was the Art Dept's last day spent packing, doing inventory and sending the last bits of the set off to storage.

For my team, Andri and Jason, it has been a very long 10 weeks working 7am to 7 pm every day shooting Uncommon Threads and Craft Lab back to back.

We had fun today role playing by parking in the primo reserved spaces. Andri was the host of the show, while Jason and I were big wig producers.

I told Andri I wanted this year's inventory to include as much detail as possible with a huge list. She took me too literally...I didn't know she had a clipboard that big.

I told Jason we had to be superhero's today and work super fast and get done super quick... he took it too literal as well...

My goal for the day was to get out of Dodge and ride off into the sunset, hours before the sun really did set...we did it!

Andri and Jason have been by my side for many shows for several years now. I have asked both to take on the craziest, most mundane, most complex, most degrading, most trusted and most creative of tasks at times.

For anyone wanting to be a prop/art dept. person on a "how to" studio show... know this...only 10% of your daily job is being creative. 90% of your day is spent as errand runner, laborer, luggage handler, dishwasher, concierge, stand in associate producer, backstage script doctor, shipping clerk, tour guide, stage manager, safety inspector, accountant, busboy and most requested need...janitor.

Andri and Jason do all without complaint, most days. I can't imagine working on any project without them.

Now go to I-Tunes and download "Wings beneath my Feet" and then re-read this entire post listening to it...come need a good cry.


  1. You can add to the list of your duties -
    Messing with the guests (really, we should do a show within the show called PUNK'D craft edition)
    Whiteboard cartoonist
    Therapist to producers

  2. you all are the best of the bestest of the bestest mcgee.

    now send us some drawings !!!!


    the imaginative action regime