Creative Inspiration: Hunka Junk

So I'm sure you've heard Star Wars Episode VII is filming, but what you may not have is it's director JJ Abrams has been having a friendly social media war with Zack Snyder, the director of another highly anticipated big franchise film, Superman Vs Batman. Both their camps have been going back and forth posting images "mashing up" the two franchises.

Well, as far as I'm concerned, Abrams wins with this video.

As much fun and brief as the clip is, what really thrills and inspires me is the overall attention to detail and love that the set craftsman have obviously poured into recreating the Millenium Falcon. I've watched this a hundred times. Every bolt, rivet, pipe, gizmo, greeble, and chipped section of paint was obviously made with care. Especially when, odds are, most of it will never be seen up close.


  1. I guess that's the thing with HD though - you have to assume things will be seen up close. Prop makers these days have to have good attention to detail.

  2. That is just a hoot! A couple of items of note:

    A) The Falcon is lovingly represented here, and that gives me a glimmer of hope.

    B) That may also be kind of a nod to the R2-D2 on the mothership in Close Encounters. (also a couple of TIE-Fighters, and a cemetery plot, etc.)

    Anyway, really nifty, and thanks for sharing! : )