Leprechaun House

There's a leprechaun living in our tree!

The front lawn display is finished. It's been pouring rain since late last night, so the door was added very quickly this morning and decided to loose a few details I had planned. But I can improve on next year and it's a good prototype for the Easter Bunny house in the works. I'll post a door "making of" tomorrow.

In the meantime, happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!


  1. So I guess the rainbow ends at your house. Terrific props!


  2. It turned out great!! Good thing you've got one in the works for the Easter Bunny or you'd have a mad rabbit on your hands! :)

  3. Faith an' bejabbers hoohooooohohoooo! That's quite a leprechaun you got there! I hope you do more with the wee people in future ;)

  4. I would love to make these doors for my grandkids. What did you make them out of?