Creative Inspiration: John Wolfe

John is a well known Halloween prop artist and haunter.

I was introduced to his work years ago when my October decorating started to become an obsession. My old friend Rene e-mailed me that I should check out John's Seasons of Shadows website.

John's work intimidated me. I was blown away by his dedication to creating things of such quality and style that were only seen once a year. Beyond his own props, John often showcased other people's work and helped open the door to a larger world of talented Halloween creatives who, like him, elevate decorating to true art installations. I became a regular reader.

John unselfishly shared prop making techniques and even streamed live video feeds as he worked. This lead me to add more "how-to" posts on my blog.

When Para Abnormal was less than a year old, John wrote a wonderful and complimentary post about my silly webcomic. It was one of Para Ab's first shout-outs on the Internet and it kept me doodling when I thought no one was seeing the cartoons.

Sadly John has become extremely ill and has written a last and thoughtful post.

I wanted to take a moment and express my sincerest thanks to him for the all inspiration he has given.


  1. Thank you so much for making that post. So touching was John's last post. Wish I had found and followed him sooner. Only recently found and began following you. Keep up the posts and how-to's. Thank you for sharing John's post. I already contribute to UNICEF but will make a contribution to TAP as well.

  2. His blog entry made me cry. He's an amazing man.

    d5, Hauntforum