Unmade 1976 KING KONG Model Kits?

As a kid, whenever the original 1933 King Kong aired, it was must see TV. Still being a kid in 1976, I also loved the remake.

I just stumbled upon this commercial for model kits from the '76 version I don't recall seeing back then...

Am I crazy? Where they ever for sale anywhere. I was eleven in those days and at the peak of my monster and dinosaur model building phase. I'm sure they would of been on my radar and begged my parents for the money to buy them. Especially being based on the cool promotional poster art from the movie.


  1. I don't remember the WTC one. But the snake one I think I remember. I was 13 in 1976 (FYI)

  2. I have the WTC one but I've never seen the snake one!