Post Halloween - Cheap, Easy, Good Scare Prop

A portfolio/gallery of my entire display is in the works. In the meantime, I thought I'd post some specific prop related things tonight that I wanted to last week before my camera got lost.

I hoped to entice the trick or treaters who shy away from going under the guillotine arch leading to the front porch with a sign offering extra treats to those who do (as seen in the previous post).

I used an old store bought, motion sensor talking skull from my stash. I kept the look and feel of the Beware of Monster sign and glued a large spike made out of foam board to the forehead (plus painted a few cracks on it). Once hung up, it had the fun illusion of being nailed to the arch.

Not only did it add a nice detail to the guillotine, but was a really cheap, quick, easy and effective scare. Folks already nervous about crossing under the blade triggered the skull giving them an extra startle.


  1. Hahaha, awesome!! =) Love the look of that! Awesome job with another great sign too! Can't wait to see the rest! Thanks for the sneak peak!

  2. Scary!!! I can imagine a line-up to trick or treat at your house!! Looking forward to more!

  3. That is just great! Did you have many walk through?

  4. AWESOME!!! Hope you had a great turn out :D

  5. Thanks All.

    Wicked and Misschris, we had a steady flow of ToTs right after dark for about 3 hours...a terrific turn out!
    Lots walked under the blade. We've created a U shaped path from the driveway to the sidewalk. Many either entered or left through it.