8 Days 'til Halloween: One Robbery, One Attempted and Neil Patrick Harris

I was robbed today. Walked out to the lawn this afternoon and Michael Myers' mask was gone.

Michael's true face under the mask revealed.

Although it's a small theft, it really hurts because my display is for the whole neighborhood to enjoy. This selfish act ruins everyone's fun. Worse, no little kid did this as a child prank or dare. Only a grown up could reach it.

The old mask
I tried to get over it knowing stuff like this happens and headed over to a nearby Halloween store to get another mask. The place was packed and a real mess. Stuff thrown everywhere. I found a version of the mask I once had (which was cheap to begin with). I knew I'd pay through the nose shopping in this type of store, but nearly passed out seeing a price tag of $49.99.

I went ahead to the register, justifying the purchase as needed since Mike has become a traditional lawn presence. Plus I saw another person walk out with a mask they bought still on the foam head stand, so I'd at least get that thrown in. I was wrong.

The woman said the stand was an extra $3.99. That's when I began to steam. Both the mask and stand were pretty beat up and dirty already. Probably from being tried on and played with by hundreds of folks in the store over the past few weeks.

I snapped and just walked out. I was not going to be robbed twice in a day. I saw actor Neil Patrick Harris shopping in there and thought he was the only one who could afford their prices.

The sad new mask
I did find a sad, super cheap-o mask at Walgreens for $15.00. More within my budget but not as decent looking as the older one. Maybe I can fix it up somehow.

The morning started out great full of Halloween enthusiasm. Now I'm as depressed as my new Micheal Myers looks.

The conspiracy theorist in me thinks the crooked management at the Halloween store hires thugs to go around stealing lawn decorations they offer forcing folks like me to go buy new ones from them.

I gotta get the good mood back. I feel like taking the whole display down already out of bitterness. I won't of course.

Would it be odd if I spent the next 8 days living, eating and sleeping on the lawn protecting it?

UPDATE: I'm in a much better head space about this since I first posted... I'm just going to dress up as Donald Pleasence and spent my nights this week hunting for the mask's thief! 


  1. Over the years I considered setting up a motion detection camera. My girlfriend has one for her pond to track raccoon visits. She also has motion activated sprinklers set up in a crossfire to get herons. (People who raise expensive koi are serious!)
    And then there is the electric dog fence (this may be frowned upon by the authorities and you never, ever want a skunk to hit it...).
    At least a sign stating that the entire display is under 24 hour surveillance with silent alarms. Anyone caught will be thrown in the dungeon to become part of next year's display.

  2. That is terrible. Sometimes I hate humanity. I think camping out on the lawn could just look like part of your display if you do it up right. Something tells me you would.

  3. I understand your torment. I have come to the point where I have to put most everything out as late as I can....and I doubt it is anyone even in my neighborhood who is commiting such heinous acts. I suggest you use this as creative inspiration to create at prop of Halloween Yard Display Vandals lying in a vat or in a trap.

  4. Grrr. I'm always afraid of vandalism/robbery. I'm so sorry it happened to you. I hope you can get some of the Hallowe'en spirit back. You've provided millions of us out here with tons of it!

  5. Sorry about your mask. Whenever something of mine goes missing I hate the whole world for a while. You did the right thing, just replace it. I always think the little creeps will someday make amends for what they did in their youth....but, I'm still waiting.
    Don't let it get you down, you have a wonderful display that many people enjoy and look forward too.
    The guy down the street from me has an animatronic pirate skeleton battle with the guy across the street...they build forts and ships and everything...thanks to him I give candy out to over 300 kids. I love every minute of it!

  6. I hate to hear that about your mask. I have a CRAPPY Mike mask so I feel your pain. I usually keep all my big props in till the night of Halloween. I also installed a night vision security camera. The price is well worth the peace of mind.

  7. Yours is not the only theft I've heard of this year...but to steal from you?! Mr. Halloween?!
    Ballsy thugs....
    Unfortunate, but it happens...I'm so sorry it happened to you :(

  8. Sorry to hear of your loss... but at least they stopped with just a mask and not something irreplaceable... this time. Too bad there's always some jerk out there who has to ruin everything. Here's hoping they have a change of heart and return it!

  9. Tough loss, sorry. Might I recommend using fishing line. I tie everything down with it now, if they want a prop they have to work hard and risk ruining it plus you can't really see it.

    Again really sorry Dave, glad you kept your stuff up. LOVE all your work.

  10. Mr. Jim Jams10/24/2011 8:55 AM


  11. I hope they're allergic to the latex and break out in a horrible disfiguring rash!!!

    Last year our one and only pumpkin on display on our front step was stolen (and smashed on the road) two nights before Halloween. All of the stores were sold out of pumpkins so our daughter wasn't able to carve a jack-0-lantern for the first time. She handmade a big sign and posted it on our house. The loss hurt her feelings but she did learn that it didn't have to ruin her Halloween.

    Glad to hear that your display will be up for all to appreciate. Keep your eyes peeled for the idiot with the rash.

  12. I spent a considerable amount of time this year building replica Jack Skellington gates (the ones in front of his house in Halloweentown) and today some jerk door to door person broke them. I have four kids and they have been going in and out of them for days without incident so clearly this guy was rather rough with them in order to break them apart. (He left a flyer for solar panels though, thanks buddy!) It's so hard to overcome your Halloween spirit and it only seems to take one jerk to ruin it all, too. I spent half an hour reassembling and gluing them and as soon as they are dry, will go out and apply another coat of spray paint when what I should be doing is carving pumpkins or any number of things other than repairing something that shouldn't have been damaged in the first place. Just wanted to share that I feel for your theft and one of these days I might be on the news chasing some vandal down with a torch and ax handle.

  13. Is it just me, or does the 'crappy Mike' mask look like Jerry Orbach?