24 Days 'til Halloween: My Adolescent Eye Hiding Worthy Monster List - Part One

As a kid, I'd unblinkingly watch every horror and sci-fi movie or TV show I could, but there'd be that one monster, creep or creature that I'd instinctively lower my head and cover my eyes afraid to look at. They just plain scared the living hell out of me.

Thought be fun during this Halloween month to compile my personal monster list of monsters who always made me hide my eyes.


My earliest memories of Star Trek were sitting with my dad watching reruns every Sunday afternoon on WPIX channel 11 in NY.

I really enjoyed the show, but always dreaded the moment when a still of this evil green alien showed up in the end credits.

Because I could never turn the channel or run out of the room quick enough before his appearance. I'd often just hide my eyes in preparation.

 Forbidden Zone Mutants

 Oh how I loved Planet of the Apes movies and still do. Never missed any TV airing of any of the films. Truth is though, it was years before I actually knew what the mutants from Beneath the Planet of the Apes looked like.

The moment they began to peel their faces off saying

"Let us reveal our true selves..." 

I knew something horrible was coming and I'd bury my head.

Body Snatchers' Man-Headed Dog

Near the end of the 1978 remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers when this freakish dog showed up with it's man head my brain melted.

I slammed my hand up over my eyes so hard I hurt myself.

I was 13 years old... not my proudest moment.

Ben Gardner's Head

JAWS scared me before I even saw the movie. The summer it opened everyone was talking about it. I heard descriptions of it's scariest moments from other kids in the neighborhood. The one that freaked me out the most was

"... then a rotting head pops out of the boat!"

The thought of seeing that haunted me. I built it up in my imagination so much that I refused to see the movie although my little brother really wanted to and my Dad was willing to take us. It wasn't until a couple of years later that I finally did. It became one of my favorite movies but yeah, I ending up hiding my eyes when the head popped out because it was as scary as I imagined it.

To be continued another day in Part Two. I'm saving my all time personal eye hiding movie/TV monster for last.


  1. I completely agree with the green Star Trek alien. I remember, maybe the 1st or 2nd time I saw him, I gasped. I bet I was about 6. Just the sudden flash of him right at the end, esp. the eyes.

  2. Dude, I think we're brothers after reading this post!

  3. Man Headed Dog. Absolutely terrifying. I had somehow forgotten that. *shudder*

    And I can never look at a single big eyed alien. They really freak me out. I would move out if Hubby brought home anything with even a joke version of that.

  4. Totally agree with the Jaws guy. The first time I watched that I was with my mom and when the head popped up she jumped so high she kicked my glasses off!

  5. Thanks All.
    Nice to know I'm not alone in these fears

  6. Jaws ruined my life. Thanks for reminding me!