1 Day 'til Halloween: So Little To Do, So Much Time!

Scratch that, reverse it.

The big night is almost here. I hoped to update more on the display the past couple of days, but I lost my camera the other afternoon when my brother was here helping. It's not really lost forever lost, just buried under piles of foam board debris, Spanish moss scraps and Samhain knows what else. Cleaning tonight so should find soon and get lots of pictures.

Overall, it's been the year of last minute ideas and projects. Much of what I had planned fell through, for numerous reasons. However the yard is filled to almost capacity with more decor than any year before from making unplanned stuff.

On a sad note, despite a valiant effort, the roof UFO again did not happen. Finding the time to finish with a late start was one factor, but the main reason is we actually discovered a serious roof leak when it rained last week. I decided while getting estimates to fix as roofers come and go, it was not the best time to play around trying to install something up there. Besides, I also discovered the base needed to secure it on the slope safely needed extra time to engineer. Bailing wire and hot glue wasn't going to work.

I really found my Halloween spirit today and in a great mood. Lot's to do still but will try and post often in the next 24 hours.


  1. I've been known to take over my neighbor's yard....

  2. Good luck finding the camera!! (Cause you all know we are expecting pictures! :D)

    Happy Halloween to you!!


  3. I'm sure your display will be glorious... as always. Cameras have a way of hiding just when you need them. Mine does it all the time. Good luck finding it!

    A Happy Halloween to you