48 Days 'Til Halloween - A Scarecrow For Work: SPOOKY BUDDIES!

Remember that scarecrow prop and pumpkin patch set created and posted about a few times last month? I can now reveal they were for an interstitial on GSN promoting Disney's Spooky Buddies.

Several were filmed featuring various kids talking about spooky Halloween things. Look for them this month if watching GSN or you can see a couple right now via the GSN SNAP website.

This also explains what that stuff was in the Scarecrow's hands from the initial design sketch I first posted.


  1. Always feels good to see a project come to an end...and turn out just as well as you hoped!

    Really cute, Dave :)

    Btw...I've been wanting to make Witch's pantry type jars for years....and finally decided this was the year!
    Did a post about it, if you'd like to stop by.


  2. Awww My kids cant WAIT to see this movie! How cool is it that you helped promote it!!? thanks Big D (ghetto name). :)