81 Days 'til Halloween: New Workshop Tenant

Opened up the grim garage this morning and discovered I'm now sharing space with someone. Work might be slow today constantly looking over my shoulder in paranoia. Not to mention keeping my paint brush steady getting "the willies" every 2 seconds.


  1. Looks like this little tenant knows a thing or two about set decoration. I'd say she is lucky addition.

  2. Not a big fan of real spiders?

  3. Mom, yeah a pretty good web huh? I'm gonna steal that design!

    Chelsea...no not really, but they fascinate me though. I'm hoping to co-exist with this one though. I think a good mascot as I build for Halloween.

  4. is that a pumpkin spider? Can u get a shot of the top of it?


  5. Debbie, good timing, I've just learned that it can be known as a Pumpkin Spider...pretty perfect! It's also known as a Barn Spider (the inspiration for Charlotte BTW)

    They're really common around here especially in late summer and fall. I've walked face first into their webs often at night... traumatic.

    I'll try and get a pic of it's top later.

  6. Yep. These buggers tend to create web between the cypress trees and our garage every night. When I leave for work in the pre-dawn, I tend to wave something in front of me so I don't go to work covered in webbing every morning.