Raiders' 30th: Spielberg's Doodles

Storyboard sketches for Raiders' drawn by Steven Spielberg himself. Click on images to enlarge.

The Idol from the opening scene.

Indy and Sallah open the stone crypt holding the Ark.

Indy tries to save Marion locked in the flying wing cockpit.

The evil one-eyed "monkey man" waving to his pet to remain in the truck.

Marion stumbling into the Well of Souls' mummy chamber.

Snakes recoiling from torches.

Rats on the Bantu Wind affected by the Ark's power.

These were scanned and cleaned up a bit from the 1981 souvenir Raiders' Movie Special Magazine sold at theater concession stands back then.


  1. I knew I recognized those sketches...I have that magazine on my bookshelf downstairs....just may have to go dig it out. Get it...dig it out... archaeologist reference :)

  2. I dig. Get it... "I dig" your "dig it out" reference. Hoo boy, maybe 30 days of posts was a bad idea... feeling punchy.

    I have to thank my freind Rene for the copy of the mag I have now. He passed on to me a year or so ago. Hope you find yours. It's a cool relic to have.

  3. Mine is stuck in a locker back home in Toronto. Fortunately, the Japanese Movie Pamphlets contain some of the same sketches and a few others.